How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Brake Pads?

Brakes in cars definitely play a very crucial role in ensuring the safety of the driver as well as the riders. There are definitely certain ways through which you can increase the longevity of your brake and other brake parts but after a certain period of time, the brake parts like brake pads need to be changed.

How often to change the brake pads depend greatly on the quality of the brake pads and other parts including your pattern of driving. The brakes undoubtedly play an important part in guaranteeing the safety of the driver and passengers and therefore they need to be maintained properly.

Now, how often should you replace your brake pads?

Usually, brake pads need to be changed after approximately 50,000 miles. Some might last up to 25,000 miles hardly, while few others may continue till 70,000 miles and this depends greatly on your driving style and the quality of the brake pads. However, maintaining some techniques can help you to increase the life of the brake pads.

  1. Improve your driving habits

The car’s brake disc system comprises of the elements like brake caliper, brake rotor, and brake pads. The brake pads and rotors are prone to damage and they need to be changed after a certain period of time. Your driving habits determine a lot about the longevity of the brakes and brake pads. Braking abruptly tends to create more pressure on your brakes and reduces the lifespan of the brake pads. You should rather choose to stop slowly. Also, coasting before braking is a much better idea.

  1. Driving in stop and go traffic damages brake pads more often

In the cities, the traffic is rushing all the time and most cars have to stop and go on a regular basis and this creates greater pressure on the brake pads. Driving in the mountains with an undulated surface can also damage brake pads.

  1. Choose a harder brake pad

These brake pads last longer and are hardy in nature. They perform better for the regular cars and softer brake pads are suited only for low-speed cars. Excess heat tends to melt brake pad compound and bring it onto the brake rotor thereby reducing the performance capacity.

So, it is important to get your brake pads checked regularly for squeaking sound or jittery braking. You must get them replaced from trusted online suppliers like to ensure their longevity.