How to Keep Your Mercedes G Class in a Great Shape?

When you look after your ride as if it were your own child, Mercedes G Class can be just more than a car. It becomes a part of your lifestyle. Most of the Mercedes on the roads are equipped with high end performance capabilities and the avant-garde technologies. But in order to let your vehicle deliver its best performance, you need to look after its care and maintenance on a regular basis. And here’s how:

  1. Use your senses

To keep your Mercedes G Class in top notch state is by inspecting and keeping yourself apprised for changes. In other words, turning down the radio and turning off the Bluetooth to listen for any kind of noises that seem strange. Walk around your car and look for any fluids underneath. Check for any odd odors that may be coming from the engine bay or via the climate control system. Check if there is any odd vibration if the handling seems weird to you. Keeping yourself apprised to the changes in your vehicle is the best way to begin.

  1. Read the owner’s manual

You should always refer to the user manual as it is loaded with information that helps in navigating your vehicle and keeping it in top shape. Apart from the suggested maintenance schedule, there will be many notes in your Mercedes G Class and useful tips as well as the troubleshooting suggestions.

  1. Regular maintenance

On the basis of your comfort level, you should always go for the regular maintenance at the suggested service center as they are equipped with the right tools, expertise and training, to ensure that the maintenance is carried out accurately every time by making the use of the approved methods and genuine Mercedes G Class parts.

  1. Inspect the fluids

Check for the fluids, their level as well as their cleanliness. Oil, coolant, brake fluid and steering fluid are some of them which alter their levels over time. Low fluids tend to cause poor performance overheating, poor lubrication leads to excessive wear and tear etc. Also, fluids also tend to become dirty and contaminated when overused and also decrease in their effectiveness. By inspecting your fluids, you can check if you need more of it, or just a change is enough. Never go above the suggested limits and always go for the brand approved fluids which are obviously genuine.