The Importance of Signage

Putting up signage around your shop is very important if you want to attract customers inside the shop. If your shop is located in a commercial district or on a busy street, you have to make sure that you put up some interesting signs around the place in order to attract customers. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a quality product or providing an exceptional service unless people read or hear about it. Putting up signs around the shop is one of the oldest methods that you can use in order to attract customers to your place.

However, most business owners don’t really know how to properly put up signs around their place. They either purchase poor quality signage, or they do not choose the content properly on the signs. As a result, they are unable to get a higher turnover. Companies such as LF Signs, have a lot of experience in developing custom signs for local businesses. If you are interested in ordering quality signage for your company, you should contact them and work out a custom design. Here are just a few things that you should know about using signage effectively around the shop.


Placement is very important when putting up signs around your place. If the signs are difficult to read, people are just going to ignore them. You need to understand that the aim is to place the signs at eye level, or where they can be easily noticed. Most people aren’t going to spend a lot of time loitering around the shop looking for signs, they are just going to move forward. Therefore, the best thing to do is place the signs on the main entry door, as well as the shop windows where they can be easily read. If you have space outdoors, you can also place a few signs outside. You can rent space on a local billboard nearby in order to let others know about your shop and what you are selling.

The Use of Colour

The use of colour in a shop sign is very important. Using brighter shades is important as it helps attract attention. However, if you are using LED signs, you have to make sure that you do not turn up the contrast too much. It could affect the colouration on the screen, and during the brighter days, it can be difficult for a viewer to spot what’s on the screen. The use of colour is important when designing different kinds of signs for your shop. You might have noticed that many of the major brands use colour quite effectively, and it’s important that you sit down with the sign designer and come up with a suitable design.

The Content

Filling the entire sign with textual content is a bad idea. Instead, you should just write enough that it attracts interest. You can also check out some other signs that the company has designed in the past and choose a suitable template for your signs.