Types of SUV Cars

Seeing the potential of selling these cars to a very big group of people who belonged to middle class but wanted to have SUVs for the benefits they provide, the manufacturers of these cars came up with little cheap SUV cars to meet the demands of this class. Almost all the prestigious brands manufacture Cheap SUVs without compromising on quality, comfort and designing.

Below are the types of SUVs that may help you in choosing an SUV of your choice:

Compact SUVs

Comparatively small, performance-oriented, these types of SUVs offer quitter cabins, finer fittings and finish, better handling, and more facilities than the other small SUV cars, though pricing and fuel efficiency are the common trading points.

Most of the SUVs in this category come from Japanese or European prestigious brands. If you are looking for cheap SUV cars, then it may meet your wish list.

Subcompact SUVS

These are the most popular cars among people. Unlike other cars from Honda or Toyota, they have less capacity to carry passengers or cargo.

They also offer elevated ride-height, higher seating system, and some may come even with spacious room inside. Their compact structure makes the car easy for maneuvering and parking.

Small SUVs

These cars are well suited to those drivers who are looking higher driving seats and flexible baggage spaces. In this category some of the SUVs come with high fuel economy while others may prove thirstier and offer rough ride.

If your aim to buy an SUV that is only for flexible baggage space, then you should consider a hatchback or a wagon as they are more fuel efficient and pocket friendly.

Midsized SUVs

Structure wise these SUVs are more like minivans and may satisfy the requirements of those customers who are considering buying an SUV. Most of the families find mid-sized SUVs satisfactory as far as powerful engine, safety, inside room, and cargo space are concerned.

A number of mid-sized SUVs have provision of a third row but it is difficult for adults to sit there due to smaller legroom.

Large SUVs

SUVs in this category offer plenty of interior space, powerful engine with better towing capacity. But you may find them less fuel economy, clumsy and bulky. If you want to tow a heavy vehicle, you will find them better but SUVs are not only for that.

If you are looking for good seating arrangement along with better cargo capacity, then mid-sized SUVs are a better option.